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San Gabriel

San Gabriel is the new forward-thinking beat project from the multi-instrumentalist/producer Butchy Fuego. His upcoming album VOLFE is full of warped and pulsing pan-global club music; a signature marriage of tropical riddims, dubbed out soundscapes, and modern R&B minimalism. Striking the perfect balance of booming bass and tricky rhythms, VOLFE makes for some serious sideways heat. Minimal in their framework yet vibrant in detail, San Gabriel tracks have their own recognizable style. 

While many of the percussion samples may mimic the sounds of machinery, the programming is very far from mechanical with impeccable drumwork that only a seasoned drummer can pull off (Fuego also performs and is a touring member of the legendary Boredoms and was a founding member of Pit Er Pat.)


ominously lurching production powered by cinematic melodies, thick bass tones, stuttering drum patterns, and spooky vibes.


leftfield, tight electronica so captivating and original that it has been on heavy hard drive rotation basically the whole week now.

No Fear Of Pop

San Gabriel has revealed his plan of attack out for you, and the only way for you to decode it is if you throw it on the floor and dance all over it.



San Gabriel: