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Zoos of Berlin

Masterfully linking together art-rock and a unique shape of sophisticated pop, Zoos of Berlin would seem to be outsiders in their hometown of Detroit; a city known for it's tough industrial grime that bore garage rock and Blade-Runner inspired techno. While the make up of their elegant sound is hard to place, Zoos of Berlin is easy on the ears. Luring you in with leftfield harmonies and an almost jazz-like musical expressiveness, their songs unfold with the unexpected.

Zoos of Berlin’s sophomore long-player Lucifer in the Rain is an exquisite work of slanted pop and cosmopolitan art-rock. Endlessly rewarding, with meticulous arranged instrumentation and lysergic narratives, the Detroit based outfit’s latest album fully realizes their vision of boundless 21st century pop.

Full of twists and turns, it’s easy to be swept from one section of the song to the next without knowing where they begin and end distilling elements glam, jazz, post-punk, bossanova, motorik grooves, electronic ambience, and anything else that will fit; into something wholly unique referencing both the past and future reminiscent of Low-era Bowie or Roxy Music getting in a room with Broadcast and Tom Ze.

They play with pop and jazz elements as components for a steadily cool groove and could very well have hit on the next sound of the century…

- Village Voice

A cosmopolitan pop sophistication hearkening back to some of rock’smost famous expatriate Berliners, David Bowie and Brian Eno — and those two are no  jelly doughnuts.

- Pitchfork Media

Not completely pop, not completely noise experimentation, it is, at its heart, a swath of indie-punk shred, gossamer baroque pop stateliness, expressive jazz penchants, and goosebump-inducing production.

- Tiny Mix Tapes

Zoos of Berlin:

Lucifer In The Rain vinyl 12"/ digital

Zoos of Berlin:

Pallister Chant / digital