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Yola Fatoush

Unpredictability – the unanticipated, the unexpected – is what a lot of people look for in music. Something different, something that will surprise. But what is most surprising about London’s Yola Fatoush is their apparent reluctance to conform to “experimentation” in its more overt calibrations. There is no atonality, no apparent aggression in their music. Their songs channel pop and R’n’B in the most unusual sense: neither with a regressive sentimentality or with the irony of pastiche. Yola Fatoush perceive themselves as part of a pop tradition, despite the obvious unconventionality of their music. Indeed they seem to cherish this ambiguity." - Tank Magazine


They make immersive, transcendental trip-outs that weave diverse, unpredictable rhythms with rich chord progressions into intricate dance structures.

- rough trade shops

It’s R&B ripped apart and reconstructed with all the bits in the wrong order – great

- the guardian uk

On their beguiling first full-length, the London duo have cast the genre net a little wider, adeptly producing and singing in an impressive number of styles informed by niche house and techno, from Chicago to South Africa.

- the fader

The resulting record isn’t far from Nguzunguzu in places, filtering the tropes of urban radio and contemporary club music through a chilly, dystopic lens, as on the frenetic juke cut Are We Divided. At other times, Yola Fatoush skew much closer to the lineage of UK dance, as with the aptly titled Vibrant, which marries skittering beats with the perky pop-garage sub-bass and female vocals.

- dummy mag

Yola Fatoush:

Up Out Of It / digital