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Released: 05.18.2015

   The Shift EP’s off-kilter R&B comes cloaked in druggy atmosphere, the stasis of heartache, and entrancing rhythmic workouts. It’s not an uncommon story for two artists who’ve never met to collaborate, trade tracks, and make something great – however, rarely does it come together so quickly (just a few days) as such of a fully-formed sound. Toronto’s Deebs and LA singer Jarell Perry’s new recording project does - fusing trip-hop’s narcotic bounce with woozy modern soul. Focused on nailing the moody hue, Perry’s delivery interestingly often eschews hooks in favor of arrangements that ride the tension of Deeb’s minimal, meticulous framework. The resulting gems reveal their carefully crafted genius slowly.



One could hardly imagine a better vocalist for this sound than Jarell Perry, who matches Diebel’s mood and tone with every line.

- Earmilk

Deebs’ productions are as meticulously detailed as ever, and Perry’s voice cuts through any fog without getting lost in it.

- Fact

The duo navigate the vaporous evolution of r&b, the EP existing as an amorphous meld of drunken electronics intensified with the lyrics of a chaotic livefastdie mentality.

- Impose

A new duo to L.A.’s Time No Place present expansive, melancholy R&B/electronica flights. they boost the styles of Holy Other or Evian Christ into orbit with radiant webs of reverb and delay applied to brooding, blue-eyed soul vocals and crafty slow-fast beat tricks at best in ‘driving Blind’ and the head-down roll of ‘Relapse’.

- boomkat

SHIFT / Digital EP - deebsandjarellperry - TNP018

Track 1

Driving Blind

Track 2.

Giving U

Track 3.


Track 4.


Track 5