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Nesting EP / cassette/ digital Castratii purchase
Released: 12.16.2013

On the heels of their acclaimed debut LP, 2012's Eora, the gloomy Sydney-based outfit Castratii re-emerge with a new 4-song collection of nocturnal soundtracks.  While the haunted beauty and richly textured soundscapes of Eora thematically reflected wilderness and isolation, Castratii's latest Nesting strips away lot of that record's dreamy sheen in favor of clanging grit, strangled tones, and scraped-up beats. 


The ominous "Mo(u)rning" opens Nesting with a creeping dronescape that lures you into relaxation only to strike you over the head next with ghoulish lurch of "The Crawl". Colliding the worlds of William Gibson, Bauhaus, and Coil, the disorienting and visceral "The Crawl" veers away from any genre with "pop" suffixed to it and concludes with what recalls a sampler in it's death throes, spitting out it's last sequences. The hopeful "Zero" offers a pleasant respite from bleakness of  "The Crawl" with cascading choruses and soaring male/female vocal interplay. "Nest" descends back into the black treading back to the lucid dreamworlds of Eora leaving us all eager to hear where Castratii will take us next.

a forceful collision of shoegaze, industrial, ambient, and darkwave that lands them smack dab in the middle of greater gothdom


Sepulchral pop with strong shades of classic John Foxx.

- Boomkat

Nesting EP / cassette/ digital - Castratii - TNP013

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The Crawl

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