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Mirage /vinyl 12" Nguzunguzu purchase
Released: 06.13.2012

Nguzunguzu's (prounounced en-goo-zoo-en-goo-zoo) bubbling, otherworldly productions stitch percussively forward experimental sounds into a club-friendly framework. Nguzunguzu seamlessly cross genres, tempos, and atmospheres to create a new emotive electronic club realm that immerses body and mind. It's something that has to be experienced to truly understand. Describing their own sound as "sad, sexy, scary", making you move isn't their only mission...they want to make you feel, maybe cry, and then dance the pain away. 


WIth just a few EPs (for Fade to Mind and Hippos in Tanks), mixtapes, and remixes circulating the internet Nguzunguzu have gained a fervent following among fans and the press. Pitchfork Media called their recent Perfect Lullaby Mix "the most unique and evocative DJ mix of the year", while publications like The FADER, XLR8R, Stereogum, LA Times, and the NY Times have are singing their praises looking towards Nguzunguzu to lead us into the future.


Mirage is Nguzunguzu’s breakout EP (from 2010) made to have and hold in the physical realm for the first time ever via Time No Place. The new version features a rework from kindred spirit Dubbel Dutch and mind melting artwork from Miles Martinez. Limited edition of 500 on clear vinyl.

feisty futuristic menace with global dance music elements, perfecting a sound that’s like space-fights with bubble guns and makes falling down the stairs seem like fun.


frantic, tribal sounds that drew on the convergence of Brazilian baile rhythms, Chicago house and London dance music to create primal, infectious grooves

- LA Times

Mirage /vinyl 12" - Nguzunguzu - TNP003

Track 1


Track 2

Rec Loose

Track 3


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Track 5


Track 6

Strut (Dubbel Dutch remix)