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Magma Mondays /digital Coyote Clean Up purchase
Released: 11.19.2012

We're all floating on a magma ocean. Beneath our feet it swirls at unbearable temperatures with the ability to reshape the planet and destroy life as we know it in a single eruption. However, for the most part, it slowly works it's own magic unseen or felt by most human eyes - but don't be fooled, it's still there - and not only on earth. CCU presents Magma Mondays. 7 songs, one for everyday of the week. Hazy and cryptic emotional trips swirling around piano meanderings, intermingling soft synth melodies, deep headphone house floor stompers, left of field rhythmic compositions, dub sentiments, and hushed vocals. The ups and downs of daily life. The ups and downs of intergalactic life. Just like the galaxies unseen - constantly moving forward and never stopping for anybody - no matter how nostalgic you get. Hold on tight, we're all in for a ride - the ride of life.  


- Rose Quartz

Melodic, Balearic-tinged and disco-dipped techno diversities

- Boomkat

“Sowet Soset” sounds like music film director’s set to long panning camera shots in subways and office bullpens that squeeze the hours of 9am to 5pm into one minute. Once the rhythm is established, the grind commences into a glory-less excursion with no great pay-off. “Sowet Soset” showers, commutes, pounds black coffee, processes, produces, makes business calls, kills time on Tumblr, fantasizes about killing its boss, processes more, nods off at its desk, squeezes a day’s worth of work into the final two hours, and commutes home.

- Impose

 Seven of these songs strung together become a swamp of dimly lit atmospherics that makes for an immersive listening experience. Magma Mondays exudes ambience; it bleeds out of the indistinct fog of shoegaze-y vocals on “Night Aid Nightly,” the watery chords on “Grrrlfriend Plz (Acid),” and the swirling melody on “Free Coaster Crash.”


Magma Mondays /digital - Coyote Clean Up - TNP007

Track 1

Sowet Soset

Track 2

Free Coaster Crash

Track 3

Mega Miss Out (dub)

Track 4

Grrrlfriend Plz (acid)

Track 5

Sun Smiles (lite)

Track 6

Rompy Exxxtreme

Track 7

Nite Aid Nightly