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Released: 05.11.2015

Haunting in it's ardor for subdued atmospheric murk and dissipating electronic dream-pop transmissions, Pazes' debut full-length album 'Induced' is loosely an exercise in musical intent vs. unknown forces that forge the end result in-between. Commenting on the process, the Berlin-based (by way of Brazil) Pazes remarks, "I like to think feelings and ideas are separate things and if I’m expressing anything with music, I want it to be the latter. However within the process it becomes very hard to control what you’re doing and where you’re going. Naturally, this is analogue to many other realms of experience, this difficulty in exerting some sort of control over actions even when things are very clear and defined."

Focused and fluid, 'Induced' curiously exudes a uncommon sense of mystery and melancholy presenting itself in vaguely menacing starkness, wistful ambience, creeping bass groan, and the exploration of textures ranging from almost-weightless to gritty. Cascading arpeggios meet off-kilter rhythm structures containing element traces of hip-hop/trip-hop and leftfield techno/dubstep, yet the mood of 'Induced' has as much in common with bleary-eyed post-punk or shoegaze as it does with any contemporary electronic music scenes. Largely an instrumental journey, Istanbul's Biblo returns for two otherworldly songs ("Sion" and "Every One") on 'Induced', while Paris-based pop chanteuse Andrea Balency contributes to the heart-wrenchingly gorgeous album closer 'Remnants'.

etheric electronic pop that sits very neatly alongside the sort of ghostly emissions of oOoOO, Four Tet or Holy Other…

- Boomkat

Induced, his debut full-length, touching on everything from trip-hop to shoegaze to left-field techno in the process

- Fact

Pazes continues in an even starker, shadowy direction, crafting a bewitching album of off-kilter arpeggiated synths, spectral female vocals, and sub-bass groans.

- A.V. Club

Pazes’ Induced LP is said to “curiously exude an uncommon sense of mystery and melancholy,” with its productions incorporating elements of “menacing starkness, wistful ambience, creeping bass groans, and the exploration of textures ranging from almost-weightless to gritty.”


Induced - Pazes - TNP017

Track 1

Be Told

Track 2


Track 3

Left & Right

Track 4

Sion (feat Biblo)

Track 5

Wall Five

Track 6


Track 7

Everyone One (feat Biblo)

Track 8


Track 9


Track 10


Track 11

Remnants (feat.Andrea Balency)

Track 12

Come and See