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DIN / vinyl 12"/digital FAY purchase
Released: 07.02.2012

Exploring wild, new directions in body music, DIN, the debut LP from FAY is an absolutely stunning introduction with a pinpoint focus on retaining the physical within the realm of machine music.  While clearly electronic in nature using synthetic sounds, there is a uniquely raw human element in Her music that reflects the amount sweat, blood, and pain expended throughout the creation of DIN that makes it stand unique apart. The album's fractured, meticulously composed sonic structures make nods to modern R&B, looping vocal mantras, exotic rhythms (zouk, gamelan), bass music’s pressurized subs, and musique concrete’s time-disorienting arrangements. Balancing sounds both hypnotic and (sometimes deliberately) harsh, the resulting album is one with few reference points, shrouded in mystery - a mystery that only deepens and intrigues upon closer listen, even as the music and process unveils itself.

Avant Pop stunner


Fractured, intricate beats and fancifully processed and rearranged vocals and sounds, sometimes kind of resembling early Missy Elliot material, at other times simply unanticipated and mind-boggling.

- No Fear Of Pop

Absolutely essential listening for anyone with even the vaguest interest in unusual approaches to popular genres and rhythmic experiments in dance music; definitely a project to be applauded.

- FACT Magazine

Shockingly ace art-pop LP fusing the funk of classic Timbaland with the compositional strategies of John Cage in a shining pop mind

- Boomkat

FAY makes music somewhere between Bangladesh and SND.

- Dummy Mag

DIN / vinyl 12"/digital - FAY - TNP004

Track 9

Shadows II

Track 10

Time To Die

Track 1

How It Feels Good

Track 2

Talk With My Body

Track 3

That's The Part

Track 4

What's The Use

Track 5


Track 6

Shadow I

Track 7

Let It Go

Track 8