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Rainbow Arabia


Inspired by the purchase of a Lebanese synthesizer playing microtonal scales and lo-fi Eastern drum patterns, Rainbow Arabia began a escapist diversion from Danny and Tiffany Preston's day jobs. The demos they recorded, which were written and put to tape in a matter of a days, became their debut, The Basta. The duo released a series of EPs and singles for Manimal Vinyl, Merok, Pure Groove. As the project progressed, Rainbow Arabia shifted their focus towards into more cosmic territory aligning with the venerable Kompakt Records who released their first full-length album Boys And Diamonds.

Rainbow Arabia return with their new LP FM Sushi. Further expanding their cosmic sound by adding multi-instrumentalist Dylan Ryan (Icy Demons, Ether Feather) into the mix, Rainbow Arabia continues to strive to create songs that are hard to describe but easy to love. Their latest is a decidedly different direction for the group stripping away much of the tropical rhythms in favor exploring a more pulsing, immersive sound that combines krautrock's rolling synthscapes with their signature mercurial pop. With its choir-like synths, analog sequencing and new age saxophone solos, FM Sushi is determined to set a crystalline path into a future filled with colors that mankind has named only in dream…

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Not that Rainbow Arabia are alone in those qualities—there are plenty of cute but ineffectual synth acts operating in similar territory. What sets them apart is their songcraft and their gift for arrangement. It is exquisite. (4 out of 5 stars)

- Resident Advisor

it becomes clear that Rainbow Arabia have come on leaps and bounds from their debut, releasing an evocative, vivid album beyond the expectations of most. (4 out of 5 stars)

- Fact Magazine

It is however, brilliant. The mix of 1980s synth lines and futuretro themes result in a record that could be the sci-fi equivalent of the Drive soundtrack

- Planet Notion

Their new album FM Sushi, released on their own Time No Place imprint with some help from Cologne techno giant Kompakt, retains that feeling of youthful mischief but reinforces it with tuneful songs and deluxe production that seemed only a distant possibility on Boys. (7.0)

- Pitchfork

close to the damaged Downtown LA of Drive. The album has a cinematic hazy nighttime feel to it. Check out the skittering percussion, Europop-synths, and soft focus vocals on “Lacking Risk.” This is fever-dreamy stuff.

- KCRW Blog

Through their wonderfully varied and divergent tastes in progressive electronic music, film scores and the post-countercultural legacy of 70s Americana, Rainbow Arabia’s sound has grown to be a supremely stylish and robust affair

- dazed

‘F.M. Sushi’ has a more defined ’80s synth sensibility than its predecessor, replacing the ethno-touristic elements with songs full of clean, crisp and bubbly synths and drum machines referencing classic Italo, UK synth pop and minimal wave.

- Boomkat

Rainbow Arabia:

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Rainbow Arabia:

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