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Castratii are a paradox, a wonderful vision of a life that might have been, and still could be. Enveloping shrouds of ambient musical strands, woven together into a swinging bridge that hangs over a chasm of endless possibility.

Created and constructed from one Australian summer to the next, the creation of their debut long-player Eora persisted through the extremities of the Australian bush; heat, humidity, cold, and rain to create a singular document vast and mysterious as the landscape it was created for. A lucid journey creeping through mostly darkness, looming tension and foreboding atmospheres underly Castratii's first long-player of witchy doom pop.
In it's heaver moments Eora instills a pulsing, growling drone into their spectral hypno-electro structures, while on the other end it’s easy to get lost in their sustaining, sprawling layers of floating ambience. Inspired by their remote surroundings, Eora aims to sonically and lyrically map the elusive wilderness of individual desolation and our inner dialogues.

Cloaked in darkness, the Australian electro-ambient trio known as Castratii exerts a mysterious gravitational pull.

- Alarm Press

shun away all of your buried inner stress through psychedelic ambience and washes of witch-gazed harmonies.

- Earmilk

An aural reimagining of the concomitant enormity and sparseness of Australia’s wilderness, there is a spatiality to their sound – the sprawling electronic drone, languid vocals (provided in lead single “Kingdom” by The Duke Spirit’s resident powerhouse Liela Moss), the pulse and shudder of electro pop – that conjures up and renders the unique extremities of Australia.

- Portable

Sepulchral pop with strong shades of classic John Foxx.

- boomkat

a forceful collision of shoegaze, industrial, ambient, and darkwave that lands them smack dab in the middle of greater gothdom

- spin

Imagine, if you will, David Lynch’s Lost Highway or Tony Scott’s The Hunger. Think The Knife and Slowdive and My Bloody Valentine and Dead Can Dance. Or think of none of them at all.

- The Music (australia)


Nesting EP / cassette/ digital


Eora / vinyl 12"/ digital