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Coyote Clean Up

Coyote Clean Up began as the bedroom project of Ice Cold Chrissy, an Artist, DJ, and Musician from Metro Detroit. Lo-fi conglomerates of hushed and sensuous shoegaze mentalities, trip-hop gloom, deep headphone house, left-field club leanings, and experimental ambient excursions snowballed quickly out of control as track after track emerged. Soon CCU spread far from beyond one isolated bedroom in the Midwest to an international camp of risky DJs, warped tape bangers, casual chill outs, and car bumping cruisers. No rules and no regulations - just sound from and for modern times.


Oh, the joys of getting stoned in your room and making some immersive, mesmerizing dance music.


Warm and woozy club-inflected jams.

Altered Zones

“Icy, distant new deep house.”

Gorilla Vs Bear


Rose Quartz


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