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Maneuvering the perilous depths of heartbreak and ecstasy, SKIN TOWN's bewitching R&B pop stunner The Room approaches the elusive mysteries of desire and longing with directness and urgency. 

There is a narcotic pull in Nick Turco’s lean, spacious productions that serves as the perfect foil for Grace Hall’s commandingly astonishing voice, which guides you throughout The Room, alternating between sinister sultriness and breathtaking sweetness. 

The Room is out on Time No Place November 5th Digital/Nov 19th LP + CD

preview 3 tracks over at FACT Magazine

advance tix HERE

ZOOS OF BERLIN'S wonderful new LP Lucifer in the Rain is finally available with relative ease. We recommend buying from Forced Exposure or finer record stores.

The band dazzles with its own inventiveness in the genre, tinged with an graceful blend of nightmarish dread, or some other kind of groovy gothic allure, under jaunty, gurgling synths and drums, invariably kicking a driving rock rhythm — or an anti-disco shuffled march. They fully use that zingy, spacey Roland keyboard under dreamy distorted guitars, indelibly intricate, jazzy rhythms and gauzy croons, sublimely-harmonizing their waking-dream poetics" - Detroit Metro Times

"Zoos of Berlin are a Michigan band whose urbane but skewed style of art-pop has few immediate peers, though Roxy Music, the Sea & Cake, Destroyer, and Berlin-era David Bowie are clearly in their family tree." -SPIN

"Detroit's Zoos of Berlin are an intriguingly odd lot, whose music doesn't really sound like anything else going on right now. The word I keep coming back to is regal. It is soft-focus but obtuse, a little foppish and often fancy. Still pop music made by guitars and keyboards and drums and voices, but these guys are definitely in their own orbit." - Brooklyn Vegan

“It’s a stunning LP full of meandering melodies, mellifluous vocal harmonies and song structures that are just slightly askew.” – Decoder

“porcelain pastiche” – Stereogum

"Not completely pop, not completely noise experimentation, it is, at its heart, a swath of indie-punk shred, gossamer baroque pop stateliness, expressive jazz penchants, and goosebump-inducing production." - Tiny Mix Tapes

"They play with pop and jazz elements as components for a steadily cool groove and could very well have hit on the next sound of the century" - Village Voice



Read an interview between Pazes and his vocal collaborator Biblo talking about music and the current state of unrest in their homes of Sao Paulo and Istanbul.  Pazes new EP Sleeping Dolls is out today on Time No Place, you can hear it over at FACT.


“This is music for the comedown: ‘Burn Out’ opens the EP with a chilly techno groove; ‘Frozen’ sounds like Chromatics’ ‘Tick of the Clock’ as if performed by Massive Attack; ‘Grace’ surges and pulses, revealing its intricacies on each listen.” - FACT Magazine


“serious layers of spectral haziness” - XLR8R


“Six songs sit very neatly alongside the sort of ghostly emissions of oOoOO, Four Tet or Holy Other, navigating thru the mists of gauzy garage on ‘Burn Out’ to the side-chained ambient throb of ‘Frozen’ and the Grimes-on-valium vibes of ‘Sleeping Doll’ to bass-heavy slump on ‘Grace’ and the woodblock-punctuated, lost-at-sea loneliness of ‘Winder’.” - Boomkat


“someone’s seriously not joking here” - No Fear Of Pop


Welcoming Pazes into the fold, his Sleeping Dolls EP for TNP out June 24th. Catch a download of Frozen now at XLR8R.

watch RAINBOW ARABIA's new video now at NOWNESS

listen to Open The Wine HERE

An exquisite work of slanted pop and cosmopolitan art-rock we are pleased to present Zoos of Berlin’s sophomore long-player Lucifer in the Rain. Endlessly rewarding with meticulous arranged instrumentation and lysergic narratives, the Detroit based outfit’s latest album fully realizes their vision of boundless 21st century pop. Full of twists and turns, it’s easy to be swept from one section of the song to the next without knowing where they begin and end distilling elements glam, jazz, post-punk, bossanova, motorik grooves, electronic ambience, and anything else that will fit; into something wholly unique referencing both the past and future reminiscent of Eno-era Bowie or Roxy Music getting in a room with Broadcast and Tom Ze. Out July 15th on vinyl + digital formats.

We are siked! Our very own Rainbow Arabia released their new album FM Sushi this month with praise across the board with praise from Resident Advisor, FACT, Pitchfork, among many others. You can read an interview with them with Robert Barry for FACT Magazine here, and listen to their re-imagining of Tangerine Dream's 1977 soundtrack Sorcerer.

Also, this week marks the release of Yola Fatoush's new album Up Out Of It. This one is all cascading art-pop tropes and that chopped n' screwed ibiza / truffle season sound, yea. Super rare. Get on this. Check it out via Dummy.

Gore Text appears on VOLFE, available on vinyl and digital.

Yola Fatoush’s first full-length Up Out Of It is out April 29 on Time No Place. Hear the album’s ascending opener “Eagle Works” now over at No Fear Of Pop. More to come soon from the elusive damaged pop duo.

TNP008 Rainbow Arabia FM Sushi out April 15th / digital + vinyl

get the scoop here at Juno, and listen to the killer album opener “River’s Edge” HERE.

Castratii releases their single "Limits" today with two excellent reworks from :papercutz & Courtship. See what The FADER has to say about it and you can download it all for free on Bandcamp

San Gabriel drops a new mixtape on Rose Quartz. Full of original new productions and edits. Blast it!


Hats off to FAY for placing on Boomkat's top releases of 2012! DIN is sold out but you can still cop the digital. Stay tuned for fresh, new sounds from FAY next year!

Time No Place catalog is up now at Bandcamp. If that’s your kind of thing, git it!


check a preview HERE

Juno Plus has the scoop HERE

Castratii Merch now available from their bandcamp

from Castratii on Vimeo.

click HERE to download Sept/Ember by San Gabriel

We are thrilled to announce the release of the elusive Australian collective Castratii, on August 21st. Check out the album's title track which BPM calls "a unique blend of Scandinavian influenced twisted pop music and the dreamy float of the progenitors of the Shoegaze scene. You can trace its roots through many paths, but this is a track, a record, a band, that you’re not going to want to ignore."



Exploring deep, dubby underworlds on his latest EP Datter, CHLLNGR's signature take on bass music utilizes contemporary R&B's sleek minimalist beats, the soulful melodies of roots reggae, dub's playful use of space, and nocturnal ambience. Sub-frequencies and decaying atmospheres lay the foundation for Datter's ghostly rhythm tracks and moody, subdued vocal delivery. 

It seems more than appropriate that Datter's "cave dubs" get a proper re-visioning and we've invited some of our favorite producers to participate. Time No Place and CHLLNGR present Datter - Remix as a free download. The EP features remixes from Oakland's electronic pop experimentalist Yalls, Olga Bell (of Bell, touring member of Dirty Projectors), Dutty Artz's Lamin Fofana, Detroit's blunted leftfield house producer Coyote Clean Up, the dreamy balearic styles of Bam Spacey, and the jah-blessed Dr. Echo.



DIN is out now. 500 copies. Grab a free remix from Co La and burn one. FACT Magazine proclaims DIN to be "absolutely essential listening for anyone with even the vaguest interest in unusual approaches to popular genres and rhythmic experiments in dance music; definitely a project to be applauded." Woweee

Time No Place and dublab present...High Places San Gabriel + FAY + John Wiese + Frosty 9PM $5 at The Echo #LA

next week we will see the physical release of San Gabriel's exhilarating debut VOLFE. you can get it through Kompakt/Forced Exposure next week and stores soon after. Give it a listen on their turntables here:

Purveyors of excellent taste and forward-thinking music, Dummy Mag, had some really nice things to say today about FAY's debut album DIN calling it "adventurously funky, personal and accomplished". DIN is out on vinyl July 2nd through Kompakt and available digitally now. Check out the "That's The Part" HERE

Nguzunguzu's Mirage is finally available on vinyl for the first time. New artwork from Miles Martinez and a Dubbel Dutch remix to boot! 500 only on clear vinyl. In stores in the upcoming weeks but available through Kompakt now.

French magazine WOW talks to Eddie Ruscha about the shitload of releases he has planned for 2012! Respek. READ.

Ad Hoc debuts a "Shadow I" from the upcoming debut DIN from FAY. Check out what they had to say HERE.

looking for an old post from the tumblr ?  head over HERE.

Zoos of Berlin - Kingston Gates - Color Controller remix